Greetings and welcome, my aim is your success.

You’ve reached this page because you are seeking to change something in your life,or maybe many things.

For two decades plus I've have been helping people like you do just that.

 Allow me to introduce myself; I’m Eileen Edwards, Psychologist BSc Hons Psych, Hypnotherapist, ADHP, MNRHP and Life Coach, The Life Coaching Academy. I offer treatment the following problems

 Panic states

Anxiety, depression

Lack of confidence

Food related problems


Smoking cessation

Help with exam, driving test nerves, overcoming stage fright, improvement of sports performance.

Training in self hypnosis

The above are a sample of problems treated. To find out if we can help with your problem simply ask by emailing


If we can help we will. Otherwise we will recommend other sources of help wherever possible.

The practice does not treat, children under 16

Alcohol related problems

Drug related problems with the exception of addiction to prescribed medication.   020 8949 4572