Help for high blood pressure

High blood pressure is bad news. It can affect people of all ages increasing their risk of death from strokes and heart disease. 90% of people with high blood pressure have what doctors call essential hypertension. In other words high blood pressure without a known cause.

High blood pressure can be managed by prescription drugs. However doctors don’t have the time available to deal with the underlying causes and lifestyle factors which cause and maintain high blood pressure.

Here’s the good news

Studies have shown hypnotherapy to be effective in reducing high blood pressure. I have also experienced this in my own practice as clients attending for other issues have found their high blood pressure returning to normal levels as a beneficial side effect of treatment.

That’s why I chose to train as a hypnotension practitioner. The Hypnotension system works alongside and compliments your doctor’s treatment. It deals with the underlying causes of high blood pressure and the lifestyle factors that maintain it.

I’m delighted to have successfully completed my hypnotension practitioner’s exam with a pass mark of 80%. I look forward to assisting clients with high blood pressure in normalising their blood pressure and enjoying happier, healthier lives.

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 to discuss how we can normalise your blood pressure and improve your life.